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Free Delivery On Orders Over £200

Natural Cornish Pet - Meaty White Fish Cubes for Dogs

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RRP £3.89 | 75g Pouch


Made in UK

Our Meaty White Fish Cubes are the perfect protein boost for your active pooches.

Completely natural and packed with over 90% protein, they make incredible treats for working dogs, agility and other canine sport. Made with 100% Whitefish, caught from sustainable sources, they’re also extremely low in fat and free from any preservatives or additives. Perfect!

And to top it all off they’re an incredibly rich source of Omega 3 which not only helps support healthy joints, coats, skin, heart, eyes and weight, it’s also important for aiding brain development, helping focus, memory and behaviour.

These small, roughly between 1 and 1.5cm in size (approx 70-80 per 100g) crunchy cubes have a rough texture that helps to remove tartar and keep teeth clean and healthy!

Wheat-Gluten Free & Hypoallergenic


100% White Fish

Analytical Constituents:

Crude protein: 89%, Fats & Oils: 5.1%, Crude Fibre: 0.33%, Ash: 5.2%

Energy: kCal/100g 383

Because this is a natural product, colour and size may vary slightly.