Our Story

Our Story

As a proud stockist of a range of brilliant pet food, treats and toys & accessories, here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop we adore everything related to pets.

From our humble beginnings to present, the team have work exceptionally hard in making our store one of the go-to places in the South West for premium-quality dog food that is all-natural, wholesome and delicious beyond belief.

With a small team but a large passion for pets, we work hard each and every day in ensuring your pets receive the best food products available to help them lead a long and happy life. Our close relationships with brands such as Forthglade, Canagan and Symply ensure we get only the best products on our shelves and ensure each and every morsel sold in our store is the best food your pets can get their paws on!

But where did it all begin?

The stores founders, Jordan and Katy, started Doggy Day Care Cornwall in 2014 after finding a demand in the local area for a quality day-to-day dog care solution. The business grew rapidly and they were soon faced with a host of wonderful new friends, and the opportunity to aid guests and owners who were frustrated in their search for quality, natural dog food in Cornwall.

With a dedicated following of Doggy Day Care users already on the path to feeding the best natural pet food on the market, Katy and Jordan quickly became aware that there was an opportunity to support the wider dog-loving Cornish network, bringing the Natural Cornish Pet Shop to life.

They believed they could create a business with pawfect pet food at the heart, and after years of hard work and determination – that’s just what they did!

Our carefully curated shop not only stocks a great selection of quality raw dog food products, but is also a specialist natural pet food centre that sells only the highest-quality wet and dry pet foods, supplements and treats to meet all your canine and feline's nutritional needs. With great service, and knowledgeable staff, they make choosing the right food for your dog or cat simple and accessible, as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

About the Shop

Located in the depths of the West Country, in the beautiful grounds of an ex-golf course, our aim is to deliver and simplify feeding for conscientious dog owners across Cornwall. We supply the best quality products from top brands such as Canagan, Forthglade, Natures Menu and Natural Instinct as well as new and innovative supplements and products to assist you in your efforts to provide the best diet possible for your pets.

All products at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop are hand-selected, considered for their nutritional value, and provide excellent value for money. If you have any questions about your pet's diet or raw feeding please get in touch. Should this be your first steps in to transitioning your pet onto a raw diet, we strongly recommend consulting with your local vet first, to ensure what is best in the interest of your pet’s current needs.

Our Inspirational Items

Over the past 12 months, in addition to running their delightful doggy day care, Jordan and Katy have worked tirelessly to really showcase the knowledge and brilliance of The Natural Cornish Pet Shop. Knowing the rising trend in cold-pressed dog food and all-natural treats, the team decided to take a leap and create our own range of dog food and treats!

Aflora Cold Pressed

Aflora Porth Chicken Grain Free Cold Pressed Dog Food - Dry Aflora

Manufactured in the heart of Cornwall, our Cornish-inspired name brings together the heart of the countryside with our love for the ocean – our Surf & Turf recipe features the finest-quality meat and fish for your dog and leaves them with nutritionally beneficial nuggets of wonder that they will gobble up time and time again.

High quality and exceptional value for money, we are extremely proud of Aflora Gwithian Surf & Turf Cold Pressed. Not only does it pack a meaty punch with almost half-filled with protein, its grain-free formula means it’s good on the tummies too!

With a wonderful range of flavours to choose from in our Aflora Range, there is truly something for everyone. How did we come up with the names of our Aflora range? Each flavour is inspired by one of our favourite dog walks in Cornwall. Not only do you get a great-tasting natural dog food, but also an inspiration about where to take your four-legged friend on their next adventure!

Shop Aflora Here and Get Inspired Today!

Our Tasty Treats & Chews

From peanut-butter crocodiles to fantastic fruity sticks, our range of wholesome, natural treats have flown off our shelves since their introduction in late 2019. Free from grains, artificial colours and flavourings, our range of terrific treats are a scrumptious snack for your pooch no matter what age or size. With multi-buy savings on every single one of our tasty treats, we promise once your pooch has had a taste, they won’t be able to keep their paws off them for long.

Here’s some of our favourites

  • Vegetable & Peanut Butter Crocodiles
  • Peanut Butter Antlers
  • Fruit & Vegetable Sticks
  • Just Fish Treats
  • Yak Milk Chews

Shop our whole range of treats and chews here!

Last but not least;

Introducing our all new, 100% Natural, Cornish Peanut Butter! 

Our 100% Natural Peanut Butter for dogs is conscientiously produced by harnessing Cornwall’s bountiful rays of sun and coastal winds in a zero carbon & zero waste eco factory.

The thick, sticky texture of peanut butter (combined with its strong smell!) means that it is great at disguising medication. Containing no Palm Oil, artificial flavours or preservatives, our peanut butter is a great source of protein, and contains heart-healthy fats, vitamin B, niacin, and vitamin E.

The perfect treat for pooches - spread onto feeding mats or use with enrichment puzzles and training toys for some extra motivation.

Born from the goal to make natural feeding for four-legged friends simple, accessible and affordable. The Natural Cornish Pet Shop has everything you need to keep your pets’ tails wagging and their lips smacking all year round.

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